>Argentina Match Results 2010


Higuan nets hat trick as Argentina cruises past South Korea

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Original Article

Scoring Summary

Argentina South Korea
Park Chu-Young (og 16′) Lee Chung-Yong (45′)
Gonzalo Higuaín (33′)  
Gonzalo Higuaín (76′)  
Gonzalo Higuaín (80′)  

Associated Press

JOHANNESBURG — Gonzalo Higuain scored a hat trick and Argentina beat South Korea 4-1 at the World Cup on Thursday, putting the South Americans on the brink of qualifying for the next round.

Argentina took the lead in the 17th minute when Park Chu-young deflected in a free kick from Lionel Messi. Higuain made it 2-0 in the 33rd after Nicolas Burdisso passed along a cross from Maxi Rodriguez.In first-half injury time, Lee Chung-yong pounced on a defensive mistake to close the gap, but Higuain’s two second-half goals — in the 76th and 80th minutes — put the game away.Argentina leads Group B with six points off two victories.





(2-0-0, Group B)

4 – 1

South Korea

(1-0-1, Group B)



Watch: ESPN, MobileTV, ESPN3.com

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